Our Reasons For Being Here
In 2005, Ving Media was founded on the principle of improving the accessibility of consulting, training, and production services to organizations with limited but growing financial and operating resources seeking expertise in audio/visual/lighting solutions for houses of worship, retail, community and corporate spaces. We recognize that the unique DNA of each organization requires equally unique solutions, and it is our desire to partner with organizations in developing solutions that deliver a strong return from the resources they invest.

  • Our consulting focuses on assisting our clients with defining short-term and long-term needs and goals and delivering creatively appropriate solutions to successfully address those needs and goals - all the while ensuring good stewardship of resources.
  • Our training solutions focus on assisting our clients with improving institutional technical knowledge while building and structuring human resources and operation practices required to successfully deliver consistent audio/visual/lighting services from event to event.
  • Our third emphasis - in production - is serving- and service-oriented with two objectives: 1) to provide high value production services for clients where these services are often felt to be out of reach financially or operationally, and 2) to channel resources realized through our other services to fulfill Ving Media's ministry and community efforts.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high value audio/visual/lighting solutions to help clients meet their unique existing and future needs. We do this through providing honest consultation and promoting good resource stewardship dedicated to implementing high-quality solutions that are sustainable.

Our Vision
Our vision is to exemplify Christian life principles and business ethics when providing top-tier professional audio/visual/lighting consultation, training, and production services. Furthermore, we desire to use our talents, passion, and resources realized through our professional services to serve clients and organizations in need.