Our services range from consulting to project installation/management and production services. Our individual and team experiences with working with small and large organizations, various budgets, and a diverse range of cultural and institutional values have served us well in helping our clients invest in products to help them fulfill their near- and long-term objectives.

Engineering / Consultation / Installation

Regardless of the number of rooms, retail space, or facility size you need to outfit, Ving Media has worked with  organizations of varying sizes with large to restricted budgets. We will work with your budget and cost concerns while giving an honest and experienced consultation on what it takes to get your message out to your audience with the highest impact.

Whatever the application, we'll ensure your audio/visual/lighting system will be tailored to effectively communicate the message your organization seeks to communicate.

We are a licensed engineering firm in the state of Texas. Firm # 15325


In-house technical know-how is often the difference between distraction and euphoria and inconsistency and consistency. We recognize that the needs, resources, and existing technical experience of each organization are unique, and thus work with our clients in providing training solutions that can elevate the A/V experience to the professional level.

Production / Sales

We offer engineering, design, and logistic planning services for events small or large, indoors or outdoors. Our individual life experiences, as well as the collective experiences we've gained from working with all our clients continually equip us with ever increasing knowledge and experiences to help us ensure that any production we're a part of are executed with quality, efficiency, and professionalism.

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment for rental. If you know what your specific needs are, please contact us for a quote. If you need consultation in the purchase of a particular piece of equipment, you can also email us and we'll be more than happy to assist you. We offer competitive pricing on a wide range of products, and in most cases can most likely offer you the best pricing.

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